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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Steers and Goals from Hunter Washburn!

My goals for this year are to go to as many PRCA rodeos as I can and make the permit finals. Also to go to the amateur rodeos and make the ACRA finals. My plan is to finish my equine dentistry school and pursue it as a job alongside professional rodeo.
One of my favorite quotes: "Champions are not made in the arena they are crowned there. Champions are made in the practice pen."

A Few Words from Rope:

Video breakdown-  This steer tries to tuck or hide his nose which makes it hard to get the steer to fall.  Hunter has an excellent catch - he hits on his butt and comes back to his feet.  As he returns to his feet his hips turn a little early and the steer slows down in the curl. Then Hunter corrects, puts the horn away and is able to finish the run well.  When steers are low headed or tuck their nose, most guys will try to lift the steer over their hip.  This actually causes the steer to get heavier and slower and will actually delay the fall.  All in all this is a good example of “every time it’s tried, it works”.

Hunter is extremely focused. He is consistently taking every opportunity to improve and move toward his dreams.  Because of this focus his improvement has been steady and sure.  I have seen guys come here who have improved rapidly only to have major setbacks and this is usually because they have foundation problems.  There is something fundamentally unsound to their approach to steer wrestling or they have accepted a piece of instruction elsewhere which has eroded their foundation. Either way, when they build to a certain point they come crashing back down and they will continue to fall back until the underlying problems are addressed.  In life as in steer wrestling we can be easily distracted with the flashy, quick fixes when it is the internal and eternal plumb lines of truth which make the biggest impact on the finished product.

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