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Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking Forward - Abbea Faris

Let me start off by saying, isn’t the Lord just great?! He just continues to fill my life with joy each and every day! Words can’t describe the feeling he gives you once you let him into your life and feel him work each and every day. Each and every year he continues to bless me to help me get closer to my dreams.

I don’t come from a ‘wealthy’ family, so I don’t have as many horses as I would like to have.  I have my main girl, London, who has taken me to that next level in just the last couple years. She has taught me so much and gave me confidence in my roping. I team rope and breakaway off of her in competition. She knows her job and I have found she performs better if I don’t run her into the ground in practice. Instead, I practice off my old faithful, George, which I have had for the past eight years. I competed off him until my senior year of high school. Then recently, God has blessed me with a prospect horse that a guy gave to me. I sent her to training this past summer, and I am very happy with her process so far.

In Wyoming, because of the winter that we go through, I don’t get to practice as much as I would like. I have learned that it is the quality of practice you have, not the quantity. I get to practice 2-3 times a week in the winter and as much as I want in the summer. During the winter times, I practice with a PURPOSE! I will run just a few runs on each horse, except London. Instead, I will rope the dummies a lot off of her and keep her in shape that way. Fundamentals are the key to success and that’s where I work on my fundamentals and weaknesses. I want to be able to catch a calf or set of horns, from any position, because, you never know what the calf or steer is going to do.

Although practice is obviously very important, so is classroom time so I stay eligible to rodeo. This semester I decided to take all classes online and come back home to be able to get better QUALITY practice. It is not as fun as being at college with my friends, but I know it will all pay off. I always have my goals set in the back of my head and think of what the best decision is to fulfill that dream. Staying healthy also plays a role, considering I have bad knees and surgeries in the past. Being that my knees are weak, I try to keep my legs and body strong so I don’t have to be away from what I love to do. Being in shape doesn’t only help me stay healthy, but it also helps me stay sharper in my performance and horsemanship/riding position while competing. Which is also a major key in success!

I have been very fortunate and blessed to have my grandpa in my life. Education is very important to him, so throughout college, if we keep our grades up, he helps us out financially. Along with his help, I receive scholarship money. I work during the summer, so I am able to hit all amateur rodeos and jackpots I want. I would not have the life I do today if it were not for the blessing of my grandpa and grandma that God has given me.

Each and every day is a blessing. You never know when it will be your last. So I live life to the fullest and take every opportunity I can that will help benefit me in the arena. It could be thinking about roping, practicing, roping dummies, helping others, watching videos that will help me, going to church, or anything else. I am just grateful for any and every chance I get. God continues to bless me each and every day and I can’t wait to see what the year of 2015 has in store.   

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