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Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking Forward - Abbea Faris

Let me start off by saying, isn’t the Lord just great?! He just continues to fill my life with joy each and every day! Words can’t describe the feeling he gives you once you let him into your life and feel him work each and every day. Each and every year he continues to bless me to help me get closer to my dreams.

I don’t come from a ‘wealthy’ family, so I don’t have as many horses as I would like to have.  I have my main girl, London, who has taken me to that next level in just the last couple years. She has taught me so much and gave me confidence in my roping. I team rope and breakaway off of her in competition. She knows her job and I have found she performs better if I don’t run her into the ground in practice. Instead, I practice off my old faithful, George, which I have had for the past eight years. I competed off him until my senior year of high school. Then recently, God has blessed me with a prospect horse that a guy gave to me. I sent her to training this past summer, and I am very happy with her process so far.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold Reading Cattle - Rope Myers

One of the tools to help any timed event cowboy or cowgirl be successful is the ability to look at the calf or steer they have and make some accurate guesses as to how this animal will behave in the arena.  While these speculations may not be perfect they at least can give some valuable insight which may increase the competitor’s odds. 

I have developed an acronym to help in this process S.E.A.R.C.H. S=Size, E=Ears, A=Age, R=Range, C=Color, and H=Health. These factors, in addition to horn shape in the steer events will help give a picture of what predilections an animal may have.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Growth: by Tee Wofford

Hello everyone! My name is Tee Wofford and I live in Montrose, CO. I am a homeschooled senior  and plan on attending college at CAC in AZ to continue rodeoing. I grew up on a cattle ranch and have been roping for as long as I can remember. I qualified for the high school finals twice my sophomore year and junior year. I also compete in the USTRC, Colorado Pro Rodeo, as well as local rodeos and jackpots. God has blessed me with the opportunity to do what I love everyday. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Steers and Goals from Hunter Washburn!

My goals for this year are to go to as many PRCA rodeos as I can and make the permit finals. Also to go to the amateur rodeos and make the ACRA finals. My plan is to finish my equine dentistry school and pursue it as a job alongside professional rodeo.
One of my favorite quotes: "Champions are not made in the arena they are crowned there. Champions are made in the practice pen."