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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We Have Jesus - Bobbi York

For most of my fellow rodeo contestants, the dream is to be the best, like Ty Murray or Cody Ohl. I am not like other rodeo contestants. If anyone would have asked me when I was 8 what I wanted to grow up to be, I would have easily answered that I wished to be a lawyer. From my excellent debating skills that I practiced daily with my mom to my love for government, 8 year old me was sure that I was going to be a lawyer. It was the most logical career that I could choose. As years went by, I was determined that I did not belong in the courtroom, but instead in the lab as I had an interest in human biology and anthropology. This drew to my attention the idea of being a forensic anthropologist. Approaching my freshman year, my interest in rodeo grew and so did the idea of vet school. Logically, it seemed the best option due to my extensive background in agriculture and pre-existing knowledge of basic veterinary skills. Finally, with my junior year starting I decided that my becoming an athletic trainer was the best thing due to my constant use of one thanks to my unstable joints and forever tearing muscles. All of these were logical. It's easy to say rodeo isn't the best choice for me. Like Casey Allen always says, "We spend a fortune to live like a carney." But for us, logic doesn't apply when it comes to rodeo. We will risk our health, financial stability, and sometimes even our sanity. With logic comes security and predictability which makes us feel comfortable. But maybe that's a lot of our problem: logic. Doing things that are logical doesn't always mean that it makes you happy. This is why we rodeo. When we use logic we lose sight of dreaming big and aiming for the impossible.

            In rodeo there is always going to be room for improvement just like anything else. In rodeo we can’t think logically all the time. Granted, there is an element of rational thinking that is needed in order to have success, but sometimes we have to dream big in order to attain the unimaginable. For me that moment came when I went to my first big breakaway roping. I remember looking at everyone else and thinking about their ability and stats. I remember asking my coach “Do you think I belong here?” I knew it would be a long shot for me to even rope alongside some of the best. Now I missed, but I threw and missed but I took my first shot. I wish I could say the same for our walk with Christ. For some people it seems illogical to have a “relationship” with someone we can’t see. But the way I see it, it is the most logical thing we can do. There is only two promises in life: death and eternal life with the Lord. It would be foolish not to claim an eternal life that we are promised.

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