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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Summer of Opportunity - Abbea Faris

Summer is my favorite time of the year. Always busy and always on the road. I just love it! I'm blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. Every weekend there is a rodeo/jackpot going on in Wyoming, Nebraska, or Colorado. I compete in the Wyoming Rodeo Association and Colorado Pro Rodeo Association nearly every weekend. Unfortunately, my college season didn’t go as I had planned as I just missed qualifying for the finals. However, I know everything happens for a reason and I will keep my head held high. I'm looking forward to the opportunities this summer has to offer me. 

Weekdays are not near as fun as the weekend, that’s for sure! I work during the week to be able to cover all my expenses, giving me the opportunity to compete in the rodeos I desire to compete in. It takes a few different jobs to be able to do the lifestyle I have chosen. I am working for Express Employment, mowing lawns with a friend, working for Diamond Tail Ranch, and will soon work for a construction company full time. After work, I go practice with some great family friends that live down the road. I keep my calves there and we all gather together and practice. I love summer nights practicing with my friends; I'm grateful to get to do what I do.   

As far as school goes this summer, I am not taking summer classes, so I've decided to focus on work, rodeo, and family this summer. Every weekend I am home, I take my 86 year old grandpa to our church and then go to lunch after. My grandpa is my rock and world. I love spending time with him and I especially cherish every Sunday morning we get to spend together.

The power of the Lord is unbelievable. This year has definitely been an eye-opening year for me as I have matured in my faith. Without the Lord, I don't know where I would be right now. He knows that everyone has struggles but He is always welcoming us with love. I know He is always there with me and everything will always work out according to his plan and purpose. Let the summer of fun and madness begin!        Anything is possible if a person believes. Mark 9:23 

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