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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Commitment - Rope Myers

To Commit: act, carry out, do, execute, accomplish, achieve, complete, go for broke
Commitment is a decision in the Heart that produces results. In steer wrestling commitment is vital to making a good catch, regaining your feet, or getting a clean fall.  In the catch, if you haven’t decided on the inside then, you will hesitate when it is time to act on the outside, and hesitation in the catch is a miss.  If you are not fully committed to being soft in your legs and a steer gets strong you won’t carry out regaining your feet.  It takes full dedication to hook the nose when the steer is coming fast to accomplish a clean fall. 

So how do we get our heart to fully commit?  The short answer is “love and wisdom”.  Commitment, dedication, devotion, fidelity, fortitude are heart words, but they are heart words that the head will fight against if wisdom isn't applied.  For Instance you may love steer wrestling and you may be willing to jump, but if you don’t know the right technique after a few wrecks your mind will be screaming “don’t do it!”  Conversely, you can study the technique all you want but if something on the inside doesn't hunger to drop onto the back of a running steer all of the reason in the world won’t convince your body to do it.  It has to be both.  Sometimes love comes before wisdom, sometimes the other way around but when they are both together the result is commitment.  You have to love what you are doing to execute a plan that seems scary, but it takes wisdom to complete the task. 

Commitment is important when you go to flank a calf, or when you reach in the team roping, or when you step off a fast horse in the goat tying.  In fact, commitment is necessary to be successful in any rodeo event.  Beyond that commitment is one of the essential keys to life in general. Whether it is getting good grades, having a great marriage, excelling at work, or having great relationships; commitment is critical.  So, find a way to love what you are doing and seek the wisdom to do it well and you will find your commitment level will rise so you can excel at whatever you are doing.  Choose something you love about your job, then learn to do it well.  Remember to love learning, figure out how you learn and you will achieve good grades.  Stir up the love you once had for your spouse, ask the Father how to love her well then go for broke to have a great marriage.

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