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Thursday, March 26, 2015

3 Things to Remember - Hunter Washburn

I want to see what you want to know. We've talked about cold reading cattle, how to read the barrier and get out sharper. Now I want to see your comments on what you think is a big part of rodeo. Finance plans, going down the road, animal welfare, do's and don't's of rodeo AKA: RODEO 101. There are so many things out there one can think of and put in their arsenal of good ideas and practices.

One thing I want to talk about this time is, "why make the same mistakes as everyone around you does". One thing my parents have told me is if your going to do something and get ahead in this world you have to have a couple things.

One: God before all things. Without his presence in our lives we are not whole. With that being said I did my own thing for awhile, just put God and my Bible on the shelf. The devil has a way of showing us that you can do anything you want and still be one of the best in anything. So you think, "why can he/she be so successful and so far from the Lord?". Well, the devil wants you to not care and do whatever you want. My point is this:  if you want a life that that has meaning, find God and pursue him.  You will have a life of hardship, but nothing worth doing comes easy. I've always known about God, but never followed him till my sophomore year of high school. The start of my junior year God lead me to Sky Ranch to the elite rodeo clinic. This is where I was saved and began a new life. Now I'm on to bigger and better things in rodeo, and I owe it all to my family and my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  

Two: Learn from others' mistakes. This one is sometimes hard to do, but I've found to ask, "what happened with that run?". And ask several people. You might agree or disagree but you have to be open to new things.

Three: dedication and practice. Without these two things you won't be successful in life or in the arena. Once I was told luck is where preparation meets opportunity. Sure I might have drawn the best steer but I still have to use what I've learned and worked on for the last couple months or years to make the best of that steer. 

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